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Confidence is built, one episode at a time

If you are an aspiring podcaster, don’t overlook this little gem of a show. Jillian is such a cheerleader for both podcasts & podcasting and focuses on the stuff that the big names in podcasting (mostly dudes) overlook. Your mindset is just as important as your microphone, ladies!

Such a great podcast!

I really like the way that Jillian goes about the conversations with her guests. There’s so much to learn and so many layers when it comes to mindset work because it’s ever evolving (especially with podcasting and entrepreneurship). Love this podcast, always a great listen, and highly recommend!

What a great listen!

I enjoyed listening & participating with Jillian’s podcast! It is so important to hear how other people are motivating themselves & staying confident in their abilities. Definitely take a listen to how the awesome guests have all overcome things in life & show up as their best selves!!