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Feb. 21, 2023

Promoting and Repurposing Your Podcast

Frustrated that you've been putting in the time and effort to create high-quality podcasts, but aren't seeing the increased listenership you were hoping for?

In this episode, discover how to repurpose your podcast content to reach a bigger audience and maximize its impact!

"If you're giving free value in your podcast, your listeners are going to be like, oh my gosh, I wonder what she would give me if I paid her."


In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to promote your podcast on social media to get more listeners.

2. Different ways to repurpose podcast episodes into different forms of content.

3. How to nurture your listeners with a call to action to get them onto your email list.


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Welcome back to the Mindset of Podcasting. Today we are talking about promoting and repurposing your podcast, so the number one way to get people to listen to you. Is to promote your podcast on social media no matter where you are in social media promoted. There are ways to do this on each of the apps, and I will get a little bit more into that in this episode.

So here's how the funnel goes for your podcast. Your podcast is not the top of your funnel. Social media is cuz most people are not going to a podcast app and searching. I mean, some are, but a lot . You're gonna promote it on social media. They're gonna see your podcast on social media. Then they're gonna go to their podcast app and look for your podcast.

Then they're gonna hear your podcast, and your podcast is gonna have a call to action that leads to your freebie. Your freebie is gonna lead them to your email list, which is gonna nurture them and lead them to your paid offers. That's how it works, Now. So it can be a little bit different, you know, depending on how you do it, but for the most part, that's the general funnel.

So, When you are recording your podcast, you always wanna make sure you have a call to action. Now, even if it's not your freebie, you can do a call to action to your paid programs or anything, or just to your website somewhere to get them to the next level onto your website or onto your email list. So always make sure that you have a call to action in every single episode that it's very important.

Maybe say it at the beginning or the middle. Some people kind of trail off at the end. I have a bad habit of waiting till the end and I need to stop doing that . So, . So what we wanna do is we wanna promote our episodes on social media every time they come out, maybe multiple times a week. Cuz here's the thing, people need to hear it more than once to actually get on and listen to it.

So we want to, we want to create posts so that they want to come and listen to our episodes . So on social media, here are a few things that you can do or that I do each week. Get people over. So on Instagram, I go on my stories and I talk about it. Talk about what the episode is about. Tell them what they're gonna learn.

If they go listen to it and give them the link in their stories, you can now do the link thing in the story. So give them the link so they can just click on it and go listen to it. You can make an audiogram, which aren't as popular anymore. I'm gonna tell you that right now. Audiograms used to be really popular, which if you don't know what an audiogram is, it is a graphic with a.

Snippet of your podcast over it. Even now when you post one on Instagram, they turn it into a reel. So it's like a reel with the black boxes on the top and bottom. So making like a square post now isn't as common. So I would make the real size or the story size post and put the audiogram over that. Cause they're gonna turn it into a wheel anyways.

So . Doing that. Maybe posting a picture of you behind the scenes, like recording your podcast and say, oh, look what's coming up on the podcast this week. Give them a little sneak peek of what's coming up. People love behind the scenes posts, so give them a little sneak peek of that . If you are on TikTok, do a video talking about what the podcast is about, just like your stories that you did on Instagram.

Do a video telling them what your podcast is about and that they should go listen to it. You can also, sorry. So something that I use to repurpose my content is descript. So Descript is a editing software. It does video editing, audio editing, and transcription. Like I love it. , it's script is amazing. So I create my video, I put my, yeah.

So I put my video in there. I upload my video and I will edit my video and I will put that on YouTube so you can record your podcast video the same time that you're recording your podcast . And then I put that video on YouTube after I'm done editing it, I take the transcription too and I put the transcription on my podcast website.

And that helps with SEO cuz there's more keywords in the description. There's more keywords in the transcription. . So put the transcription on your website too. And this is all done all in one program. Transcription, audio editing, video editing, cuz you can download the audio too. So I absolutely love it.

And since I have the transcription there, it's easy to pull out quotes for Twitter. You can put quotes right there on your Twitter. I haven't done this in a while. I'm not as on Twitter as I should be, but you can do that. If you're on Twitter, pull out some quotes. , you can turn the transcription into a blog post and put it on your website.

Create a blog from it. Really easy things to do all with descript. If you wanna learn more about the script, I have a link in my show notes that will take you there. It is an affiliate link because I use the script every single day in my business. I absolutely love it, . So those are a few ways that you can repurpose your podcast episodes.

So you're gonna record your podcast, you're gonna video it while you're record. Upload it in the script, you're going to find sections of the audio that maybe you can make an audiogram with, or sections that you can maybe make a reel. You can make a reel out of your podcast episodes too, so maybe a section there.

You're gonna take your transcription, put on your website, or maybe turn it into a blog post. You can find some quotes from the transcription that you can put on Twitter and you can put your video on YouTube. And there you just have a bunch of places to repurpose from recording one podcast episode. A bunch of content right there.

So once you're promoting this on social media and people are like, oh, let me go check out the podcast, then they're gonna hear, and in the podcast, you're going to give lots of value, lots of value. You wanted to tell them all the things because I've said it a thousand times. If you listen to my podcast, you're gonna hear me say this all the time, but you're giving free value in your podcast.

The listeners are gonna be like, oh my gosh, I wonder what she could give me for free for . Let me say that again.

if you're giving free value in your podcast, your listeners are gonna be like, oh my gosh, I wonder what she would give me if I paid her. So, Make sure that you are telling them freebies or, and your offers to get them on your email list. You can also create an ad for your freebies or your offers and stick them in your podcast episodes.

Lots of people have created ads for that, so you can make it kind of professional with like an ad, some music behind it. So that's one way to do it. And then once you get them from the podcast onto your email list, this is where you wanna nurture them. This is where you want to. Deliver the freebie, give them the freebie right away, like right after they sign up and give them the freebie.

Second email, you might wanna tell them more about yourself. I'm not an email marketer by any chance. Any means this is just what I do. But , I'm not an email marketer. But the second email, I just tell them a little about me and my business and I wanna get to know them better. And then the third value email is I actually give them something extra of value.

I give them a little extra like workshop that I did of value so that they. be a little surprised, like, oh, I got this freebie, and they think that that's it. But then bam, you give them another freebie, , it just gives 'em a little more value and makes 'em feel a little more special. And then from there, I don't like to excel, but you can kind of like write them emails and just kind of PS, Hey, I offer this.

You know, it's just like an afterthought, like, oh, I offer this if you're interested, . So that's kind of how I do it. But Just, there's so many ways to repurpose your podcast. Like I think that one podcast episode could give you so much content for so many social media sites. So start repurposing it. Now.

You have all this content sitting there. Maybe you can put them in an email, you know, if you wanted, start doing weekly emails to your list. Transcribe your podcast episode and take sections from that and put that in the email. Make your emails conversational, like they don't have to be like special, it's spiffy.

Just the way that you talk. Just take the transcription, put in an email, . So there's so many ways to repurpose it. And also in the show notes is my call to action, my podcast launch guide, which isn't my freebie. So you will go and sign up for that, get my freebie and get on my email list.

So if you wanna start your podcast, then go check that out, and I will talk to you next week.