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Jan. 24, 2023

How Much Does a Podcast Manager Cost?

Have you been thinking of hiring a podcast manager to help with your podcast?

Hiring a Podcast Manager could be beneficial to help with organization, creativity, and time.

In this episode, I share all the details of hiring a podcast manager from understanding the cost to learning the benefits of hiring a podcast manager. This episode dives into all the details you need to know.


"Our voices are so powerful, especially right now in this time, women need to speak out a lot more right now. So I am just so honored that I get to help more women do that in their businesses."


In this episode, you will learn the following:


1. The top three reasons to hire a Podcast Manager

2. How much does it cost to hire a Podcast Manager

3. What is the Podcast Launch Solution, and how can it help you start a successful podcast



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Welcome back to the mindset of Podcasting. I'm so glad that you're back this week. Today, we are going to be talking about hiring Podcast Manager. How much does that really cost?

So I am a Podcast manager, in case you didn't know. I run a podcast agency called Jillian Grover Podcast Solutions, and we help women entrepreneurs launch and manage their podcast. So I became a podcast manager in July of 2020. I had a virtual assistant client who had a podcast and asked if I would help manage it. I knew nothing about managing a podcast.

I used to listen to podcast all the time, but I knew nothing about managing one at all. So I took a course.

Welcome back to the mindset of Podcasting. I'm so glad that you're here today. Today we are talking about hiring a Podcast manager. So if you didn't know, I am a Podcast manager. I have a podcast agency called Jillian Grover Podcast Solutions, and we help women entrepreneurs launch and manage their podcasts.

So I became a Podcast manager back in July of 2020. I had a virtual assistant client who had a podcast and asked if I would help manage it and schedule it and get it all out. I knew nothing about managing podcasts. I used to listen to tons of podcasts. I love listening to podcasts.

I still do. I listen to them all the time. But I knew nothing about managing one. So I ended up taking a course. It was called the Podcast Manager Program.

And it taught you how to be a Podcast manager. It taught me how to edit and do all of the things. And I fell in love with it. Like, fell in love with it. That's all I wanted to do for my VA client was her podcast.

I didn't want to do anything else. So eventually, I became a full time Podcast manager and parted ways with my VA client because she needed more VA help. And I went full time into this, and it has grown so much. I just absolutely love my clients, and I love helping them get their message out to the world because our voices are so powerful, especially right now in this time, women need to speak out a lot more right now. So I am just so honored that I get to help more women do that in their businesses.

And it has allowed me to have my own business, to make my own schedule, and to be my own boss and finally get out of corporate, get out of being committed to somebody else's timeline. And I'm so happy about that. And I've met amazing women entrepreneurs, even if they don't become my client. Like, just meeting them is amazing and seeing all the different businesses that are out there. So to get into this episode, let's first talk about when to hire a Podcast Manager.

So you have a podcast, you've been managing it on your own, trying to do all the things, and it's getting a little overwhelming. So the top three reasons that I hear that women entrepreneurs want to hire a podcast manager. So these are the top three. They're in no particular order because actually the last one is the one I hear the most, but I'm going to start with a different one. So the first one is organization.

They need somebody to help get them on task to help organize the back end of the podcast and make sure that it gets out every week because a lot of the times they're forgetting they have to record one or forgetting that it comes out this week. And so they don't put out consistent podcast episodes. And the listeners never know when one is going to be. So a podcast manager helps keep you on schedule, tells you when they need an episode by there's been plenty of times when I have emailed my clients said, hey, I need an episode this week if you want it to go out next week. So just keeping you on track, making sure that you're keeping up to date with recording and getting your episodes out on time.

So I also use trello. Trello is one of the things I use to organize my clients. When you on board with me, I give you a trello board and so you can see exactly where I am in the process. You can add notes in there, you can put things in there. Some clients use it all the time, other clients never look at it, but I use it all the time to keep me on track and I absolutely love it.

And when you join my new program, the Podcast Launch Solution, which is going to be launching a live group round in March, this program helps you start and launch your podcast successfully so that you can be consistent and stay organized with your podcast. And when you join this program, you do get a copy of my trello board that I use, and so you have one so that you can stay on track too. So if you're interested in starting a podcast this year, go over to the Show Notes and get on the Waitlist for the Podcast Launch Solution so that you can get a copy of the cell board and start your podcast on your own. With my help, I will be there to guide you every step of the way. So just a little plug there because of course, you should always have a call to action in your podcast episode.

So there's mine. So number two reason that I hear that you sorry, number two. So the second reason that I hear that people want to start oh, my gosh, I can't talk. I'm sorry. Daniel so the second reason that I hear that a lot of women entrepreneurs want to hire a podcast manager is creativity.

They want to stay in their zone of genius. They want to focus on their message and not have to worry about all the other aspects of getting their podcast out. Now, doing all the other aspects of your podcast is my zone of genius. So hiring a podcast manager allows them to stay in their zoning Genius and then lets you stay in your zone of genius by coming up with the content and the message that you need to get out. And then the third reason, which will come at no surprise to anybody, and it's actually probably the number one reason that people hire a podcast manager is time.

They want some time back in their schedule. They want to be able to focus on their clients family and self care and not be working on the production side of their podcast. They want to record and be done. So when you hire a podcast manager, you're definitely going to get your time back because it can take a lot of time to edit. A podcast episode is anywhere from two to four times the length of the episode.

So if you have a 30 minutes episode, you could be editing anywhere from one to 2 hours. And that takes up a lot of time. So you will be able to get time back when you hire a podcast manager.

So when it really comes down to it, I think any decision when we hire somebody comes down to time versus money. Do you want more time or do you want more money? Because it's going to cost to hire people, but in return, you are getting time. Now, if you choose not to hire somebody, you're saving money but you're losing time. So it really comes down to that.

That's the basics, I think, of every hiring decision we make. So let's get into the nitty gritty. We are going to talk cost now because that is what this episode is called and I'm not going to keep you waiting around anymore if you're like, what does it cost? So I'm going to be honest about my packages. Now, Ivan an agency, I've been doing this for a few years, so I am not the cheapest.

And I am aware that I'm not the cheapest because as I've grown, as I've done more and more, I am charging more. So I'm going to tell you what I started out at and where I am now. My very first podcast manager client, not the VA client that hired me because that was included in her package, but the very first client I had that I was just doing podcast management for, I launched her podcast and then I managed it every month. She had weekly episodes that were interviewer episodes. They were about 30 to 40 minutes long.

I charged her $250 a month. Now I was just starting out and I wanted to get experience, so I was okay charging that lower rate because she knew that I was new. I told her that at the very beginning, said I'm new, I am learning, but if you're willing to learn with me, let's do this. And she was. So that's also why it was so low, because it was kind of like a training for me, 250 a month, which I do not have any packages at 250 a month right now, just to let you know.

But if you're just starting out and you're okay with somebody who's just learning and who might make a few mistakes along the way and I'm not saying I don't ever make mistakes now, trust me, I do. But who is learning and trying to work out the kinks of starting the podcast manager business, then starting with a beginner is great. I know a lot of beginner podcasters. So if you are looking for somebody to grow with you and help them out with starting their business, reach out to me. You can DM me on Instagram at Jillian Grover podcast solutions or email me at jillian@gilliangrover.com.

I do know a bunch of them who are starting out. So that's a good place to start if your budget wise is a little small. But now I will tell you, my launch packages just to launch start at $1,000 and that is usually a six to eight week commitment.

Launching does involve a lot of stuff. It is very time consuming and I know that not everybody can afford that. I know that $1,000 to launch. And then maybe my monthly packages, I have ones that start at $500. But they do go up depending on what you need.

Like if you need social media, graphics or transcription, show notes, like all different things. If you need all those things, they do go up. The $500, which is my smallest package, is just for editing and scheduling the episode. I do write a short description, not long show notes, a short description. So that was our weekly up to 30 minutes episodes.

So it has gone up. My prices have gone up as I have grown. And as you should too. In your own business, as you grow, as you get more experience, your prices should go up too. It's only natural.

So most of my clients are paying for the experience that I have the experience. And I've done this multiple times and they can feel confident knowing that I'm going to handle it all.

Now I do customize my packages. Like if you go to my website, I do not have package A, package B, package C. I don't have that. I think every podcast is unique, every business is unique and you need different things. Not everybody needs the same things.

Not every episode is the same length. Length of a podcast episode really determines a lot. I have a client who has hour long podcast now that can take me anywhere from two to 4 hours to edit. So that definitely is going to cost more than somebody who has a 15 minutes podcast. So when I go into a discovery Call, I'm always asking about the length that you think that your episodes are going to be.

And if we find out they're longer than what you thought, then we will adjust. I will let you know after the launch that we will have to adjust. But there's lots of factors that come in length. How many graphics you want for social media, how in depth you want your show notes, if you want transcription, if you want reels, if you want video editing. There are so many things and a lot of people start small and then add as they build their podcast.

So when you are looking for a podcast manager before you get on the discovery call kind of know what you're looking for, kind of know the length of your episodes if they're weekly or biweekly if you want social media graphics, if you want all the extras kind of make a list of what you want so that they know too. A lot of podcast managers for the Discovery Call have a questionnaire. I have a questionnaire that asks you at checkboxes that you check exactly what you want for your podcast. So it makes it a lot easier so that when we get on Discovery Call, I already have kind of an idea of the price range that we will be getting into.

And you can straight out just DM a podcast manager, kind of ask them, hey, if you do a package that involves us, what's your estimated price around that? Because usually they want to talk to you and get a little more in depth, but most are willing to give you an estimated price, which I am too. If you reach out to my DMs, I can give you an estimated price. But yeah, it really comes down to do you want more time or do you want more money? When it comes to having a podcast manager, I think podcasts are great.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to get your message out to the world and to grow your audience and to build that know, like and trust factor, which I've had a thousand episodes about. So you can go back and listen to them, but it can be overwhelming, it can be a lot of tech work, a lot of time. And if you want to be able to have time back in your business and having a podcast manager is definitely the way to go. And if you are looking for a podcast manager, I have two spots opening up in February. So reach out.

Or you can go to my website Jilliangrover.com and click on Services and then you can book a call right there and you'll see my form, too, that you will have to fill out. You can book a call, and then we will talk. If hiring a podcast manager is not in your budget, but you want to start a podcast, and you're like, I don't even know where to begin, but I cannot afford a podcast manager. That is what I created. The podcast launch solution for this program is under $500, and I walk you through every single step, and we're going to do a ten week live program, so you have plenty of time.

Like, it's not going to be a rushed thing, because I hate feeling rushed, and I want to take my time and create something amazing. So ten weeks to learn everything to manage your program and stay on top of it. So if you're interested in that, you can also go to jilliangrover.com/course, and you will see all the information there and can get on the waitlist. In the meantime, if you have any questions about hiring a podcast manager or anything that we do, please reach out.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Again, you can DM me on Instagram at Jillian Grover Podcast Solutions, and I will talk to you next week. Bye.