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Michelle Pontvert

Web Designer

Michelle is a branding and website designer with 12 years of design experience, specializing in working with moms on a mission to grow their service-based businesses and spend more time with their families.

She has an MFA from the prestigious USC film school in set design, which gave her a solid design background and a knack for creative problem solving which shapes her business today.

Michelle lives with her husband and adorable 3 year old in Paris, far from her native Australia or adoptive homeland America, and balances serving her clients and being a hands-on Mum.

Jan. 11, 2022

Should your Podcast have a Website with Michelle Pontvert

Episode 02 Do you have a website for your podcast? Today I am talking with Michelle Pontvert all about if you should have a website and if so what do you need to have on it. Michelle is a branding …

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