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Mary Gooden

CEO - Divine Destiny Publishing

Mary Gooden is a fully embodied channel for the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness and Sacred Wellness Advisor in Eternal Service. She believes that abundance thrives in your ability to remain aligned and authentic, which is a daily practice. Mary has studied and practiced Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Energy Harmonizing for almost twenty years. By taking an intuitive approach, she focuses on creating a space for clients to anchor their light and embrace Heaven on Earth through an immersive experience online or in Sedona, Arizona.

Mary is also the CEO and founder of Divine Destiny Publishing and the host of Shine Your Soul Light Podcast. She supports conscious leaders, coaches, visionaries, and entrepreneurs in becoming published authors and amplify their visibility by sharing their powerful story, message, and mission on a global platform. She has contributed to ten #1 International Bestselling titles and her publishing company has created six #1 International Bestselling books titled – Aligned Leaders, Wholehearted Leaders, Sacred Surrender, Revolutionary Leaders, Leaders With A Heart & Soul Parent

Dec. 13, 2022

Why You Need to Start a Podcast with Mary Gooden

Don't wait to start your podcast- the world needs to hear your voice! This episode is about the importance of consistency and commitment when starting a podcast. My guest, Mary Gooden learned about the importance of consisten...

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