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Lisette Olivera

Motivational Speaker

Lisette Olivera is a woman of many hats: mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee, but most recently a motivational speaker/coach. She is on a mission to create a safe space for women of all walks of life where they are encouraged and taught to walk this earth as their most authentic selves. Being a teen mom Lisette has experienced being stigmatized, judged & doubted, but also persevering, healing & proving her resilience. She plans on taking her life´s experiences (the good, bad & ugly) to educate & motivate, and hopefully people resonate.

April 5, 2022

Using the Power of Your Voice with Lisette Olivera

Episode 16 Your voice holds so much power. Isn’t it time to use your voice to help heal and empower other women? In today’s episode, I’m talking with Lisette Olivera all about speaking your truth, trusting in who you are, …

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