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Leena Lemos

Author, Intuitive Channel, Founder, House of Enlightenedhood

As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness and help you remember who you really are — a divine light being having a (sometimes messy) human experience. Leena is the founder of House of Enlightenedhood, a New Earth organization on a mission to make spiritual tools, wisdom, healing, and community accessible to all. Leena is an intuitive channel and activator, the author of the unique memoir “Dear Luna Wilde…” and host of the House of Enlightenedhood podcast.

Sept. 6, 2022

Aligning with What You Truly Want with Leena Lemos

Using our voices to get our message out can be so powerful. It feels so aligned to speak our truth and be who we really are. My g…

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