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Laura Patricia Martin is a Trauma Specialist and the founder of Healing to Happy. She is known for her unique approach to healing the nervous system for health, wealth, and relationships.

After battling her way through loss, eating disorders, addictions, domestic violence, and toxic relationship patterns, Laura found herself desiring a massive shift in her life and knew there had to be something more to these “self-sabotaging” ways. She dove into nutrition in 2016 but that didn't resolve the health issues so followed up her studies by specializing in gut health. She continued her way to specializing in Trauma, which is where she found full symptom remission.

⁣It was a journey of evolution and growth but since the creation of Healing to Happy in 2017, Laura has gone to help hundreds of women around the globe heal their minds & bodies using methods that focus on nervous system regulation, heart-centered leadership, and feminine energetics.

Oct. 25, 2022

Healing Trauma with Laura Martin

Trauma can impact our minds, body, and spirit. It manifests in different ways for each person but how do we heal from our trauma? My guest today, Laura Martin, helps entrepreneurs, creative coaches, and teachers tap into hear...

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