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Kiana Davis

Founder of Tutor Kids N More

Kiana Davis has been an educator for fourteen years, working with children of all ages in many different academic spaces like daycare centers, tutoring facilities, summer camps, special needs classrooms, and more. After graduating from Montclair State University with a Bachelor's degree in Family and Child Studies w/ a NJ K-6 Teaching Certification, she founded Tutor Kids n' More traveling tutoring and childcare business in September of 2017 with the intention to help children and families in need living in my community. By now, her reach has grown and she has worked with hundreds of children over my time of being an educator.

Kiana has also dealt with chronic illnesses all her life and in doing so, have experienced the many struggles of her disabilities and overcoming adversity. These experiences inspired her to go for a Masters in Clinical Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Counseling in order to more deeply affect the children and families she works with that may also have children struggling, whether it be physically, mentally, or academically. Her plans are to combine her counseling and educational credentials together to better support even more children and their families in overcoming their own adversities while bringing them closer to overall success in life.

March 29, 2022

Building Confidence in Yourself and Your Business with Kiana Davis

Episode 15 Starting a business or a podcast can really test our confidence. We start hearing that inner critic come in and tell us all the reasons why we will fail at what we are doing. In today’s episode, I’m …

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