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Ifatinuwe Shanti Parvan Rodriguez

Certified Womb Health and Trauma-Informed Practitioner

Ifatinuwe Shanti Parvan Rodriguez is an Afro-Arawak Herbalist, a Certified Womb Health and Trauma-Informed Practitioner. She is the Creative Visionary behind Womb Shanti bringing her culturally diverse background into her practice. Currently, a Homeopathic and Alchemist apprentice, Ifátinúwẹ̀ created Womb Shanti to fulfill a much-needed space within the divine feminine. Her offerings are inclusive of reiki healing, herbalism and yoni steaming. Ifátinúwẹ̀ is also a Kundalini practitioner incorporating the practice into her Wild Women Circles.

March 15, 2022

Connecting with Your Womb with Ifatinuwe Shanti Parvan Rodriguez

Episode 13 As women, our wombs hold so much magic and when we start tuning in to that magic our lives and business can change. Having a deeper connection with ourselves and our bodies will help evaluate our lives, business, …

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