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Carla Reeves

CEO of Carla Reeves Coaching

Carla is known for her compassionate, direct, and truth-telling candor.
For over a decade, ambitious leaders have been relying on Carla to call out their blind spots, challenge their thinking and expand their perspective. Carla believes in ditching the illusion that life will be great “someday” and teaches leaders how to wake up their thinking and take the risk to live life boldly, authentically, and in alignment with their values beginning today.

Carla is the host of Differently. She's been interviewing amazing guests and sharing her knowledge on the show for almost two years!

Dec. 6, 2022

Making the Mindset Shifts with Carla Reeves

For entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and individuals who are seeking a more balanced and meaningful life, this episode is for you. My guest, Carla Reeves, will be exploring the strategies and techniques for achieving a trul...

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