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Ashlee Livingstone


A combination of energy, creativity and passion, Ashlee
is known for her original ideas, executed with a thoughtful
logistical approach, helping bring out the best in every
undertaking. After working with leaders in the non-profit
and corporate sector for many years, Ashlee understands that we are all struggling with similar challenges. Whether inspiring leaders and teams to build a thriving culture of gratitude and value or working with non-profits to create meaningful donor
relationships, Ashlee works to build connections – between people, their goals and the broader community.

Feb. 28, 2023

Setting Boundaries and Rediscovering Yourself with Ashlee Livingstone

We all have dreams of what our lives could be like. We have goals we want to reach and experiences we want to have. But so often, we wait for the future to arrive before we can start living our …

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