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Andrea Blindt

Mom/Author/Registered Nurse/Holistic Health Practitioner/Life and Mindset Coach

Andrea Blindt is a registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, four-time international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and life and mindset coach who empowers others through her own personal healing journey. She makes healing an inside job and guides her clients as they discover ways to strengthen their body, mind, and heart. This allows them to reclaim their power, advocate for what is in their best interest, and learn the tools needed to make decisions that are in alignment with their beliefs. Andrea believes that when people are informed, supported, and empowered they are better equipped to make health decisions. She has been featured in Authority’s Medium Magazine, Bustle, Shefinds, Mel, Healthline, Natural Health Radio, and multiple other publications and podcasts. She lives in California with her husband and four beautiful children. She loves being in nature, reading, writing, and inspiring others to create a life they love.

Oct. 18, 2022

Overcoming Challenges with Andrea Blindt

How do we find joy in life when we are faced with challenges? My guest today, Andrea Blunt, was able to overcome many challenges in her life, including abuse, infertility, and the loss of her twins In this episode, Andrea …

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