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Feb. 14, 2023

Falling in Love with Your Podcast

Tired of podcasting? Ready to rekindle your passion?

It's time to fall in love with your podcast all over again!

Learn how to make podcasting fun and rewarding again.

In this episode, I’ll help you fall in love with your podcast and create your ideal date with your microphone!


"Let's go back to why you started your podcast to begin with. What made you want to start a podcast? Go back to that feeling of recording your first episode and being so excited of your podcast launching and getting out to the world and telling people about it."


In this episode, you will learn the following:


1. How to reignite your passion for podcasting and fall back in love with your podcast

2. Tips for creating an ideal podcast that reflects your interests and values

3. Strategies for involving your listeners and creating an engaging podcast experience



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Welcome back to the mindset of podcasting and happy Valentine's Day. Now, I actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day, and it's not because of Hallmark or candy or all the things. I just don't never really have. I think we celebrated the first year we were dating, my husband and me, and that was it. I don't think we've ever celebrated except the first year we were dating.

Our anniversary, our wedding anniversary is actually next month, so we kind of wait to celebrate. Then it's March 19, and we've been married for 17 years, so Valentine's Day just kind of we don't need to show our love for each other, like, one day a year. I don't really like candy or cards or flowers, so nothing Valentine's Day would throw me the same with him, so we just don't do it. We wait until the next month and go out to dinner for our anniversary. But I do like the ideal of celebrating love.

I do think it should be more than one day, but we can pick a day and celebrate. So this episode is all about falling in love with your podcast. Not that kind of love like Valentine's Day love, but still falling in love with it. Because as your podcast goes on, it can get a little like what's the word I'm looking for? Not like annoying or time consuming, maybe.

Or you can get burnt out from it because it is a commitment. It is a commitment to be remembered, to record every week or battery cord, to edit, to do all the things you need to do and promote it. And it can start to weigh on you, and you start to feel like, oh, I have to do another podcast episode. I don't even know what to talk about. Oh, I have to promote it.

I forgot to go on stories and talk about it. If you're starting to feel like that with your podcast, then it is time to fall back in love with it and to remember why you started. So let's go back to why you started your podcast to begin with. What made you want to start a podcast? Go back to that feeling of recording your first episode and being so excited of your podcast launching and getting out to the world and telling people about it.

Try to embrace that feeling again, because, you know, when we start something new, we have that excited feeling and excited nervous feeling, but excited feeling, and we want to just tell everybody. So let's go back to that feeling. Make every episode, every week that feeling. Get that excited feeling back. Now, I'm not saying you're going to enjoy your podcast 100% of the time like you're not.

I don't enjoy my podcast 100% of the time. Sometimes I'm like, oh, my gosh, I really don't know what to talk about. I'm not in a creative mood. And you know what I do? I don't record on those days.

I don't even think about my podcast on those days. I wait until I am in the mood and I have the time and the energy to put into it. So if you're not feeling it one day, move it to a different day until you have the time and the energy. And if there's an aspect of your podcast that you don't particularly love, like editing or uploading it or creating the social media graphics, you can always outsource them. Of course, I run a podcast production agency, so if you want to outsource it, hit me up.

My link is in the show notes, but here are a few of my tips for keeping up with your podcasts and making it fun so that you can fall in love with it. Because we want to love our podcast and we want to love what we're doing. So number one is make sure that you schedule time for it. Make it like a date. Treat it like a date.

We're going to have a date with our microphone or with the guests that you're having on. Make it a date. Make it fun. Get your favorite beverage, put it next to you. Maybe do a warm up song, a pop pump song, if you have it right before you get on so that you all pumped up.

Maybe like some candles. Make it really sexy. If you want to set the vibe that you want to have for your podcast, make it a date. Schedule it on your calendar. Say I have a date with my microphone and we're going to be talking about this.

I like to battery cord, so if you like to battery cord, set up a few hours. Dates could be a whole day if you want them to be. They don't have to be just an hour. Just have fun with it. Get all your favorite things around you so that you feel good and ready to chat.

Number two, make your podcast how you want it. Stop looking at what everybody else is doing. We don't care what everybody else is doing. Make it how you want it. You know how we have the ideal partner that we want in our life.

Make your podcast your ideal podcast. If you don't want to have a formal intro, don't have a formal intro. You don't have to. If you don't want music, don't have music. Just because other podcasts do does not mean that you have to.

If you don't like that stuff, don't do it. Talk about what you want to talk about. Have fun with it. The more fun you have with it, the more people are going to want to listen. They're not going to want to listen to you if you don't sound like you're having a good time with it, if you sound like it's just another chore that you have to do that you don't want to do something.

So make it how you want it to be. Create your ideal podcast so that when you go on this date with your podcast, you're really excited to talk to them. And number three is get your listeners involved. Reach out to them. Ask them for feedback, ask what they want to hear.

It's easier to know what to talk about when people tell you what they want you to talk about. It's just easier when they answer you and be like, hey, talk about this. You're like, oh yeah, I could do that. So get them involved. When you are talking into your microphone on your date, you're actually talking to your listeners.

So picture your ideal listener because you're on your ideal podcast, and just talk to them. Talk to them. Make sure you're giving value. Make sure you're giving them what they want to hear and that you're having fun with it. So get them involved.

It can feel like a one sided conversation because here I am, I'm in a room by myself talking to my microphone. But when you start to think of the people who are listening on the other end of that microphone, it makes it a little more fun. So if you want to picture one of your ideal listeners and talk to them, that will make it a little bit more fun. So those are my three tips for having a little bit more fun making yourself a date with your podcast. I'm really taking this whole Valentine's Day metaphor to the extreme, but we got to use the holidays too, to have a little fun and to incorporate them into our business and stuff.

I really like doing that. I love holidays. Except for Valentine's Day. That's the only holiday I really don't sit well. That's not true.

I don't celebrate actually a lot of holidays. I guess I like the end of the year holidays. I like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year's. Other than that, I guess I don't really celebrate any holidays at all. Well, maybe I will start.

I will make sure I can incorporate them into my podcasting world. But please comment, leave a review. Let me know what you find fun about your podcast. Why did you start it? Let me know why you started it and why you continued doing it.

Let's fall back in love with our podcast and have fun again. So thank you so much for listening. If you didn't know, my program, the podcast launch Solution, is open for enrollment. So this is a ten week group program. This is the Beta Group so in this group, I'm going to want lots of feedback, what's working, what's not working, just so I can work out all the kinks.

And because of that, you do get a very special discount. So if you are ready to sign up and start your podcast and get going and have fun with it, if you're ready to have fun and start talking to your microphone and your ideal listener and you want to set up candles and a drink and have a little romantic date with yourself and your microphone, go check out the show notes. It's the podcast launch solution. We are going through eight modules. It's going to take us ten weeks.

I'm only doing ten weeks because I really, really want to be intentional and really want to make sure that everybody understands the material and has time to digest it. So I know we're all busy. Yeah. And it's a great way to network with other entrepreneurs and can be guests on your podcast, which will be so much fun. So go check that out in the Show notes, and I will talk to you next week.