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Season 2

Dec. 20, 2022

Changing Seasons of Your Podcast

Do you find yourself struggling to take a break from your podcast? Are you feeling burnt out and unsure of how to structure your new season? If so, this episode is for you. You'll learn the different ways to structure …

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Dec. 13, 2022

Why You Need to Start a Podcast with Mary Gooden

Don't wait to start your podcast- the world needs to hear your voice! This episode is about the importance of consistency and commitment when starting a podcast. My guest, Mary Gooden learned about the importance of consisten...

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Dec. 6, 2022

Making the Mindset Shifts with Carla Reeves

For entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and individuals who are seeking a more balanced and meaningful life, this episode is for you. My guest, Carla Reeves, will be exploring the strategies and techniques for achieving a trul...

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Nov. 29, 2022

Creating Your Brand Strategy with Melanie Grandoit

You need to have a strong brand identity to be successful. But designing a brand that speaks to your ideal clients can take time and effort. In this episode, my guest, Melanie Grandoit, shares all about the importance of buil...

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Nov. 22, 2022

The One Thing You Can Give Up to be Happier with Karolina Rzadkowolska

Do you want a way to get stress relief, happiness, and confidence? Many people are told to just have a drink to relax, but if alcohol isn't giving you the results you want, then this episode is for you. Karolina …

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Nov. 15, 2022

Using Podcasts as a PR Tool with Meg Androsiglio

Podcasting is a great way to grow your business and allows you to be seen as an expert in your field, but how do you make sure your message is clear when you're nervous? In this episode, Meg Androsiglio gives …

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Nov. 1, 2022

Building a Strong Personal Brand with Ati Grinspun

Are you curious about how to build a personal brand? A lot of women don't understand the brand building process. It's important to pick and choose what you want to show people and how you want them to perceive you …

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Oct. 25, 2022

Healing Trauma with Laura Martin

Trauma can impact our minds, body, and spirit. It manifests in different ways for each person but how do we heal from our trauma? My guest today, Laura Martin, helps entrepreneurs, creative coaches, and teachers tap into hear...

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Oct. 18, 2022

Overcoming Challenges with Andrea Blindt

How do we find joy in life when we are faced with challenges? My guest today, Andrea Blunt, was able to overcome many challenges in her life, including abuse, infertility, and the loss of her twins In this episode, Andrea …

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Oct. 11, 2022

Taking Charge of your Finances with Abby Gallo

Do you feel like you're constantly hustling and grinding, but you're not seeing the results you want? You've been told that you need to "just keep pushing through" and that success is just around the corner, but you're starti...

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Oct. 4, 2022

Getting Comfortable with Using Your Voice with Sally Zimney

Do you want to be more confident with your voice? Are you tired of not getting the results you want? If you're feeling the pain of not being able to tell your story and speak your truth, then this episode …

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Sept. 27, 2022

Growing Your Team with Jasmyn Haas

How do you know when it’s time to hire someone to help you in your business? How do you nurture your team and ensure you are giving your team members a great experience from the very beginning? My guest today …

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Sept. 20, 2022

How Fifteen Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life with Samantha Bilby

If you're frustrated because you do not see results from your diet and fitness routine, this episode is for you! Samantha is a body-positive personal trainer who helps busy women get fit and feel good without restriction or s...

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Sept. 13, 2022

Becoming Confident Mothers and Entrepreneurs with Cara Tyrrell

Are you dealing with any of this? 1. You feel like you're constantly juggling and never really getting ahead. 2. You doubt yourself and your ability to do both motherhood and entrepreneurship well. 3. You feel isolated and al...

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Sept. 6, 2022

Aligning with What You Truly Want with Leena Lemos

Using our voices to get our message out can be so powerful. It feels so aligned to speak our truth and be who we really are. My guest today, Leena Lemos, talks all about feeling aligned and how to continue …

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Aug. 30, 2022

The Power of TikTok with Sarah Weiss

Are you promoting your podcast on Tik Tok? If not you should be. In today’s episode, my guest Sarah Weiss is giving us all the details on Tik Tok and how you can use it to promote your podcast and …

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Aug. 23, 2022

EP35: How to Overcome the Fear of Starting Your Podcast with Diann Wi…

What is holding you back from starting your podcast? What fears do you have? My guest, Diann Wingert, procrastinated for 2 years before finally starting her podcast and now she is in the top 5% of podcasts. In this episode, …

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Aug. 16, 2022

EP34: Things to Consider Before Starting a Podcast

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Podcasting is a great way to market your business but you need to consider all these things before actually starting Before starting your podcast, I want to let you in on all the …

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